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  • How to apply for tax refund registration?

    (1) A copy of the Confirmation Form for Tax Refund (Exemption) of Exported Goods, which is completed and affixed with the official seal and the corporate seal.

    (2) The "Detailed List of Administrative Measures for the Confirmation of Export Tax Rebates by Tax Authorities" issued by the competent State Administration of Taxation (this item is not required for foreign trade enterprises without production capacity).

    (3) The original and a copy of the "Organization Code Certificate" issued by the Technical Supervision Bureau.

    (4) The original and a copy of the "Enterprise Legal Person Business License (Duplicate)" or "Industrial and Commercial Business License" issued by the Administration for Industry and Commerce.

    (5) The original and a copy of the "Tax Registration Certificate" (duplicate) issued by the National Taxation Bureau.

    (6) The original and a copy of the "VAT General Taxpayer Certificate" or the "General Taxpayer Application Confirmation Approval Form" issued by the National Taxation Bureau (not required for small-scale taxpayers).

    (7) The original and a photocopy of the "Customs Declaration Registration Certificate" issued by the self-care declaration unit (this item is not required for temporary tax refund identification).

    (8) The original and a copy of the Registration Form for Foreign Trade Operators issued by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (foreign-invested enterprises may not have this form, but the Approval Certificate should be provided).

    (9) The original and a photocopy of the "Bank Account Opening Permit" for basic RMB accounts issued by the People's Bank of China.

    Note: The above materials should be bound in the above order, and the copies should be in A4 paper format. In addition, if a production enterprise with no qualifications for export operations handles the recognition of temporary tax refund (exemption), it should also provide the original export agency agreement and a copy, but it is not necessary to provide the 7th and 8th materials.

  • How do foreign trade salesmen maintain customer relationships?

    As a foreign trader, you need to contact a large number of customers every day, but people’s memory is limited, and it is impossible to store a large amount of customer information indefinitely. Remember more of this, and a little less of that. Limited space can’t remember all customers completely. But your understanding of a customer also determines whether you can maintain a good customer relationship. Many details and requirements are easy to miss, which leads to various mistakes in the work, which may eventually wipe out the trust of customers in the company. Therefore, establish a complete customer database Becomes extremely important.

    There is no uniform standard for customer maintenance. Even in terms of time, everyone has a time difference. For example, if this customer chats for maintenance at 9 o'clock in the morning, another customer may need to maintain it in the middle of the night. Therefore, for each customer, we need to divide the customer into groups according to our maintenance method.

  • Export business occurred before the tax rebate registration, can I enjoy the export tax rebate policy?

    According to the Guoshuifa [2006] No. 102 document: For the goods exported by the exporting enterprise before handling the confirmation procedures, if the tax refund is declared within the export tax refund declaration period, the tax refund can be approved according to the regulations; where the export tax refund declaration deadline is exceeded, the tax The agency must treat it as domestic sales and levy taxes.

  • Is it necessary for an enterprise that has obtained the right to operate import and export of foreign trade and economic cooperation to apply for tax refund registration?

    Yes, according to the Guoshuifa [2002] No. 11 document: Enterprises should register for tax refund within 30 days after obtaining the right to operate foreign trade and economic cooperation. According to the Guoshuifa [2005] No. 51 document: Production enterprises without export management rights entrust other enterprises to export self-produced or deemed self-produced goods shall hold relevant materials within 30 days from the date of filing and registration and signing of the agency export agreement. Handle export tax rebate registration.