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Cross-Border E-Commerce Services
Release time:2021-05-08 Browse:1785 Times

China-Pakistan cross-border e-commerce services

Seventeen years, we focus on Pakistan market in Karachi has its own warehouse, alibaba is the specified china-pakistan logistics service providers, and mall group authorized China logistics service providers and only specify Pakistan overseas warehouse, can provide to the general interested in Pakistan's online market customers with perfect service, including registered DARAZ airfreight shipping electricity business logistics, cargo door to door, overseas warehouse sorting and distribution and other one-stop services.

Pakistan Daraz Platform

1. Basic requirements for Daraz to settle in: The business license of the company requires a P card registered in the form of a company

2. Daraz platform fee: no entry fee, annual fee, monthly fee, 5% commission for all categories, and 3.5%

3. Daraz pays back: You can pay back through the corporate P card, and pay back twice a month

4. Daraz logistics: can be shipped through direct mail and FBD overseas warehouses (invited sellers).