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The State Post Bureau held a regular press conference for the second quarter to interpret the "Administrative Measures for the Packaging of Express Mail"
Release time:2021-05-08 Browse:980 Times

On April 6, the State Post Bureau held a regular press conference for the second quarter to interpret the "Administrative Measures for the Packaging of Express Mail." Guan Aiguang, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau, said that the "Measures" are the first special departmental regulations on express packaging management in China. The system design is clarified around three key issues: what package, how to package and how to manage mail express. The content of the terms and conditions will surely play a powerful role in accelerating the green transformation of express packaging and the green and high-quality development of the postal express industry.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the postal express delivery industry has achieved leapfrog development, and its basic, leading and strategic roles have become more prominent, and the express delivery business volume has consistently ranked first in the world. While the industry is developing rapidly, it also brings certain pressure to environmental protection, especially the issue of express packaging has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Guan Aiguang pointed out that the formulation of the "Measures" is an important measure to implement the spirit of the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping. It is also an important starting point for standardizing the management of mail express packaging and promoting the green and high-quality development of the industry, or to administer and improve mail express according to law. An important guarantee for packaging management capabilities. The "Measures" adhere to the goal-oriented and problem-oriented approach, focusing on standardizing the packaging management in the post and express delivery field, focusing on system design and multi-party coordination, from the procurement and use of packaging, packaging operations and other links, clarifying the main responsibilities and legal obligations of the shipping company, and improving the regulatory and governance measures. The legal responsibilities were clarified, based on practicality, and solidified the effective supervision methods in practice, and achieved breakthroughs and innovations in system design.

Guan Aiguang said that the "Measures" clarified the unified management responsibilities of the shipping company headquarters, stipulating that the shipping company should establish a sound packaging management system, and use a unified trademark, font size or delivery details list to operate the delivery business, the trademark, font size or delivery details list Subsidiary enterprises shall implement unified management of the packaging of express mails. Strengthen the management of the source of mail and express packaging, set up a chapter for "packaging selection", clarify the requirements and principles of packaging selection, and stipulate that shipping companies should strictly implement the packaging management system, purchase and use packaging that meets national regulations, and give priority to repetitive Use, easy-to-recycle packaging materials, optimize mail express packaging, reduce the use of packaging materials, at the same time, strengthen the guidance and management of agreement users, and promote the joint implementation of green packaging requirements. It highlights the standardization and standardized construction of packaging operations, and clearly requires shipping companies to standardize operations and civilized operations, avoid throwing, stepping on, and placing express mail on the ground to prevent damage to packaging; at the same time, packaging should be carried out in a reasonable manner in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and conservation. Operation, do not wrap the tape too much, and minimize the number of packaging layers, voids and fillers; encourage delivery companies to establish a sound working mechanism and recycling process to recycle and reuse the packaging.

Guan Aiguang pointed out that the green governance of express packaging is inseparable from the cooperation and support of users. In addition to the basic principles and general requirements of express mail packaging, users should also comply with relevant regulations for their own packaging. At the same time, they also need to cooperate with the delivery company to implement relevant regulations. Claim. For example, she said that for the packaging operations carried out by the courier in accordance with the specifications, the user should not make unreasonable requirements such as excessive wrapping of tape; if the self-provided packaging does not meet the regulations, the courier requires replacement or replacement, the user shall not refuse or hinder; For recyclable packaging put into use by the shipping company, the recipient shall return the recyclable packaging to the courier after taking out the inner parts. "Everyone enjoys convenient express delivery, and everyone is responsible for green express delivery. Let us jointly contribute to the construction of green express delivery and the construction of a beautiful China." Guan Aiguang appealed.

In the next step, the postal administration will focus on the implementation of the "Measures", extensively carry out publicity and training, improve supporting systems, strengthen law enforcement inspections, strengthen support and guarantees, and create a good atmosphere where laws must be followed, law enforcement must be strictly enforced, and violations must be investigated. , To ensure that the "Measures" are effectively implemented. Guan Aiguang emphasized that in order to effectively implement the "Measures" and do a good job in over-packaging management, the postal administration will promote the introduction of the "Express Industry Restrictions on Excessive Packaging Requirements" industry standards, and further refine the identification basis for excessive packaging in light of the industry's actual conditions; While strengthening normalized supervision, a special management of excessive packaging was officially launched in April, striving to use one year to effectively curb excessive packaging and other violations of laws and regulations, and initially establish a long-term working mechanism to prevent excessive packaging.